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H.M. Carter and Associates Workshops

1. Developing New Managers

2. Increasing Your Happiness

3. Attention Management

4. Personal Productivity

5. Leadership and Influence

6. Improving Mindfulness

7. Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow

8. Critical Thinking

9. Simply Outstanding Service

10. Interpersonal Skills

11. Civility in the Workplace

12. Knowledge Management

13. Coaching and Mentoring

14. Emotions Intelligence

15. Conflict Resolution

16. Communication Strategies

17. Assertiveness and Self-Confidence

18. Delivering Constructive Criticism

19. Health and Wellness at Work

20. Managing Workplace Anxiety

21. Work and Life Balance

22. Business Acumen

Competitive Pricing

Our fees are extremely competitive. We will facilitate a 3hr training for $1,500 and a 6hr training for $3,000. If a client chooses a 6hr training, they can choose two topics to be facilitated during the 6hr period

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The mission of the Manly Deeds Inc. (MDI) is to provide post-secondary preparation, personal and professional development for of boys and men of color who are wishing to pursue a college degree, enter the world of work or become an entrepreneur.


Manly Deeds Inc.

  • High tech and High touch personal development enhancement program.

  • Provide leadership development, manhood development, career & college preparation, entrepreneurship training, critical thinking, team building, self-esteem and goal setting workshops

  • Provide community service, cultural and recreational activities opportunities

  • Manly Deeds Inc. is a multifaceted initiative that facilitates developmental processes through a series of dynamic workshops, seminars and forums



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